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One of the central challenges of the future will be the balance between safety and risk or agility and stability. This is true for health care and the sense of security of the citizens alike. Especially for the management of emergency situations.

Whether an individual case such as an accident or illness, the threat of natural disasters or terrorist attacks. Or the cross-sectoral management of patient flow. All of that have one thing in common. It needs higher-level concepts to break down complex situations that are manageable.

But it should not restrict or limit the performance of the underlying implementing people. In order to achieve that, IQ.medworks is working on interdisciplinary science, paying strong attention not to lose focus on the practice.

The Research and Innovation Centre (RIC) drives the innovative heart of the company. Here the IQ.medworks has established its Think Tank - IQ.thinkworks. In the think tank at RIC, research on current topics and concepts for the future are developed and implemented.

Different partners in related fields, as well as the maritime industry, are working closely together with the IQ.medworks staff in RIC. These students come from various university partnerships, which research on current issues in the think tank at the RIC with the experts of IQ.medworks and develop pioneering concepts, strategies and innovations for public healthcare.

The clear and transparent construction of RIC ensuring proximity, promotes communicative networks.

Presentation of the latest development from IQ.thinkworks:


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