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eHealth and telemedicine are on everyone's lips. Yet both terms are not clearly defined for everyone. IQ.medworks is used to make complex systems and provide it with utility values. The concepts of the company rely equally on scientific backgrounds and practical applications.

The medical healthcare of the population requires the future construction of new infrastructure on the one hand. But on the other hand, there are many new ways of thinking and openness that leads to new ideas.

Telemedicine means to design the entire healthcare process methodologically and securely, so that at the end, guideline-based medicines are guaranteed to be at the highest possible level of quality. Regardless of time and place.

In practice:

  • Creation of telemedicine networks for ensuring guideline-compliant medicines regardless of sectors and borders
  • Intersectional coordination of patient flows
  • Interdisciplinary merging of social and health services
  • Preventing inappropriate patient care
  • Creating (field) physician-based decision-making structures in underdeveloped regions
  • Modern healthcare concepts for rural areas
  • Creation of citizen-centric eHealth services
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