The company is facing enormous challenges: The world is changing at high speed. And with their health care for the population. Changes in clinical healthcare, changing demographics, shortages in relevant professions, such as doctors and nurses.

Individual healthcare options are the focus of political regulation and will require new paths and ways of thinking. Changing values in society requires new solutions. By linking their networks, the IQ.medworks® developed solutions for a changing environment in the health sector. With a strong focus on situations where it comes down to professionalism. In case of emergency. In 2012, the course for a successful future were asked: growth, shaping the future, profitability and access to technology and users.

The IQ.medworks is a successful service provider for intelligent solutions in the healthcare sector and is one of the innovative companies in the areas of emergency management, emergency rescue services and e-health. Our services set the highest standards in terms of implementation expertise, technology and quality, which in turn underline the innovative leadership of the company.

In addition to a strong market position in structural issues of emergency medical services and health services, the focus is on the development of new innovative solutions. The customers of IQ.medworks rely on intelligent and professional results. Analysis, strategy and precise implementation of the practice come from a single source.

IQ.medworks® must anticipate requirements and to develop and implement effective solutions through the help of extensive international cooperation. The corporate culture of IQ.medworks GmbH is characterized by clear responsibility, mutual respect and trust. Lawful behavior and fair competition are an integral part of our thinking.

This company has received funding from the EFRE.

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